Welcome to CEO MEDIA COACH Inc. As the firm’s founder and chief communications strategist, I lead a media training team focused exclusively on Spokesperson Communications. We ensure that complex scientific, technical, engineering and financial data is understandable to stakeholders worldwide.

My path to CEO MEDIA COACH has been paved by a variety of related experiences: copywriter, radio producer, president of a pioneering video company, corporate spokesperson, and partner at leading marketing agencies.
On the science and healthcare front, I am advisor to the Westchester Biotech Project, the Harvard Medical School Initiative for RNA Medicine and a certified Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS). With a Master of Science in Investor Relations (MSc) and a degree in Broadcast Journalism, I guide the executive presentations of both publicly traded and emerging growth companies.

Supported by an outstanding team of brand marketers, digital designers and video producers, CEO MEDIA COACH has developed technology-driven media training techniques.
Camera-Ready Coaching™ prepares C-Suite officers, PhDs, MDs, Nobel Laureates, engineers, entrepreneurs and high-potential managers to meet the demands of modern media.

As an author, media resource and guest speaker at HARVARD, MIT and COLUMBIA, I value the opportunity to pass my knowledge on to others. Our chosen charity, The Seeing Eye Foundation, reflects our values. Our motto — Bridging the Divide Between Story, Spokesperson and Stakeholder — reflects our mission.

Over the next decade, we will continue to support our innovative clients who are spokespersons for companies changing the world for the better.

Many thanks,

Donatella Giacometti, MLS, MSc/Investor Relations

Donatella Giacometti