Principal/Chief Business Officer/ Fragrance and Beauty

Always ahead of the curve, Donatella and her team are at the forefront of executive videoconference presentations. Known as camera-ready-communications™, her brand of coaching builds the skills needed to meet the demands of modern media.

Now more than ever, C-Suite officers and top managers call on her to present their company value virtually to stakeholders worldwide.

From investor presentations to international media interviews, her business, technical, and financial acumen differentiate her approach to media coaching.

For over two decades, I have valued Donatella’s ability to enhance the presentation skills of influential corporate spokespersons.

Managing Director, Human Resources Consultant

Over the years, I have worked with Donatella and her CEO MEDIA COACH team on a variety of critical client communications situations, each time with results that exceed expectations. Her camera-ready communications™ protocol prepares business spokespersons to deliver COMFORTABLE, CONFIDENT, CONVERSATIONAL discussions and presentations.

Applying broadcast studio standards, Donatella reskills executives in the new realities of virtual communications, as well as in traditional communications forums. Recognizing that visual and verbal communication is essential to leadership, we view Donatella is the go-to media coach for privately held and publicly traded companies.

Author and University Professor

As the founder and chief communication strategist of CEO MEDIA COACH, Inc., Donatella Giacometti and her team are a sounding board for the heads of the world’s most influential companies. She is nationally recognized for the impeccable guidance she provides C-suite leaders and other executives in bringing their story to life. She has deep experience helping them craft concise, memorable, camera-ready messages to distinguish their organizations—during good times as well as crises. Her clients quickly transform into polished, yet authentic, spokespeople who navigate even the toughest media interviews, earnings calls, roadshows, and other presentations with poise, in person and virtually. I’ve been privileged to have Donatella as a guest “judge” at my presentation classes at New York University, where she has consistently offered my master’s candidates clear, concise, open-hearted, and actionable advice.

Columnist/Marketing, Chemical Engineering

Donatella is my go-to person when I need an expert to interview about developing an effective on-camera presence. I recently interviewed her about communicating effectively during video conferences and her insights were of tremendous value to my audience. A key insight she provided was we don’t have the luxury of our own production crew. We must be the video producer, director and on-screen talent. This is a different and useful way of thinking about how one should prepare for a video conference.

Corporate Communications/ Investor Relations, Life Sciences

Working with Donatella is an experience everyone should be fortunate to have during their career. I’ve watched her collaborate with C-level executives in a way that is unique, by building on their strengths and enabling them to bring their presentation skills to the next level. The hallmarks of her signature C-suite training include, but aren’t limited to her attention to detail and commitment to preparation. When working with C-level executives, her training is a ‘must-have.’

Content Marketing/Social Media

Donatella helps her executive clients make a statement without saying a word. And when they do speak, she advises them on how to translate the jargon and connect the numbers with the words to craft a compelling brand. She understands that people will always buy your story before they buy your stuff—and her CEO clients continue to benefit from her expertise in investor relations, corporate communications and big data.

IT Specialist/Technology Marketing

I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Donatella Giacometti on various projects. I am impressed by her work ethic and commitment to providing superior results. She is an expert in numerous concentrations, including brand marketing, C-suite management, corporate communications, and big data. She has represented publicly traded companies and is certified in investor relations (MS/IR). Her role as a media and presentation coach have enabled her clients to accomplish their goals and exceed their expectations. She is an essential partner for every company that strives to consistently outperform in their field.

B2B/Financial Marketing

Donatella is a polished corporate communications, investor relations and brand marketing strategist. As a multi-media coach, she has the uncommon ability to help executives uncover their distinctive presentation style. Her talent to affect immediate results for executive on-camera and road show presentations is well-recognized. As a secret weapon for the publicly traded clients she serves, Donatella advises senior managers across a range of industries including science, technology, and engineering. I would work with her again in the future any day.

Chief Technology Officer, Video/Film

MOFILM was breaking new boundaries in brand engagement through crowd source video content. Driving huge engagement from a rapidly growing community of filmmakers was challenging on a daily basis – Donatella joined the company at a key period and helped focus the management team as well as bringing great new ideas to the table. It was a great time made better through her involvement.