Road Shows, Earnings Calls, News Interviews, Video Appearances…just like carpē diem, seize every opportunity with our proven, efficient message management system.
We call it CARPĒ Communications
an acronym for Customize content, Annotate copy, Rehearse delivery, Produce daybook, Engage stakeholders

Customize Content

Customize Content

To identify words that work, we interview the spokesperson to focus on the story they need to tell. We research sector peers to map proprietary vocabulary that differentiates the company from its competition. By establishing goals upfront, we can benchmark achievements and quantify results.


Annotate Copy

To transform written copy into spoken language, our proprietary notation orchestrates pacing, modulation, tone, and rhythm. Like a musical score, annotation guides spokesperson delivery resulting in authentic and energetic communication.

Rehearse Delivery

Rehearse Delivery

In-studio rehearsals allow the spokesperson to see themselves as others do. Verbal tics, regional accents, extraneous gestures, filler pauses — such as um and uh — interfere with key messages. Tips, techniques and real-time playback provide an interactive coaching experience that results in camera-ready performance.


Produce Daybook

Detailed production plans ensure top-notch performance. From news interviews to earnings calls, from keynote speeches to road show PowerPoints, we anticipate challenges and define objectives. Final checklists and Q&A run-throughs prepare the spokesperson to project executive presence.

Engage Stakeholders

Stakeholders watch, listen and evaluate spokesperson performance. Their positive engagement is the goal of strategic communications. We identify key opinion leaders such as investors, analysts, employees, colleagues, partners and journalists. We then connect the corporate story to command the attention of key stakeholders.