Quarterly planning is fundamental to effective strategic communications. CEO MEDIA COACH offers programs that support high-profile opportunities including IPOs, earnings seasons, editorial calendars and conference schedules.

Investor Relations

Earnings Call Preparation, Script Annotation, Simulated Q&A, Analyst Meetings, PowerPoint Presentations

Sector Research

Peer Review, Word Maps, Competitor News, Industry Updates

Conference Preparation

Investor Road Shows, Kicker Monitor and Webcast Proficiency, Simulated Q&A, Investor/Analyst Day Rehearsals, Panel Presentations, Stock Exchange Ceremonies, Crisis Communications, One-on-One Meetings

Public Relations

Corporate Communications, Website Development, Video Communications, Social Media Engagement, Publicity, Crisis Management, Influencer Outreach, Brand Advocacy

Media Appearances

Camera-Ready Coaching, Studio Immersion, Teleprompter Proficiency, Press Conferences, Town Halls, Fireside Chats, Expert Resources, News Interviews, Broadcast/Print/Social Media Presentations, Satellite Media Tours


Message Development, Elevator Pitch, Proprietary Vocabulary, Tagline, Mission Statement, Investment Thesis, Keynote Address, Founders’ Story


Infographics, Milestone Timelines, Corporate Video, B-Roll, Video Testimonials, Identity Design

Executive Presence

Eliminate Verbal Fillers, Express Key Talking Points, Modify Accents, Fine-Tune Body Language