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Five Ways to be a Camera-Ready CEO

CEO MEDIA COACH interviews with Chief Executive Magazine

Video Perspectives

Video Perspectives from
Donatella Giacometti on Investor Relations

Facts and Figures

Facts and figures

40% of C–suite leadership essentials are comprised of communication and presentation skills. 23% of Fortune 100 companies currently include video in their online annual reports with an annual growth rate of 15%. A global survey by Price Waterhouse Coopers reported that executive coaching delivers a 700% ROI.

Boston Biotech Conference

Boston Bio Tech Conference

BBC CEO New York/New Jersey Panel Participation IPOs, PIPEs, Form 10s & Secondaries: Exits & Alternative Financing Strategies

Wearable Tech Expo

Wearable Tech Expo

JAVITS CENTER NYC – Contributing Editor and Panel Moderator – The Business of Wearable Computing

10 Quick Steps To Creating Your Brand

10 Quick Steps to Creating Your Brand

Authored the essential guide to brand marketing, 10 Quick Steps to Creating your Brand.


The Boston Globe

Scott Kirsner, Business Correspondent “Dr. Michelle Dipp has the ability to communicate complex scientific ideas in a way that’s clear even to listeners who may not have earned A’s in biology. She also has the poise that seems ready-made for CNBC.” Michelle Dipp, M.D., Ph.D., Managing Director/Private Equity/Global Healthcare/Life Science Investments and a CEO MEDIA COACH client

Academic Engagements

CEO MEDIA COACH shares our expertise on the subject of branding with professional organizations & prestigious universities including teaching engagements at Harvard, MIT & Columbia.

Mergers & Acquisitions


Recognized experts in M&A corporate culture. Published Mergers & Acquisitions feature article, The Care & Feeding of Acquired Brands.

Fragrance Marketing Experts


CEO MEDIA COACH is recognized for our branding expertise in the fragrance industry including new product launches, FiFi wins & media contacts. We have collaborated with National Geographic to produce the colorful coffee table book called PERFUME & with the Metropolitan Museum of Art to produce the interactive classic SCENTS OF TIME.

Empire Magazine


Feature Article: An Approach to Brand Building. Interview with Donatella Giacometti

Bottled Water Reporter


Recognized experts in product branding. Published Bottled Water Reporter feature article, Branding: Beyond the Bottle.

Pharmaceutical Commerce

Pharmaceutical Commerce

Expert Resource: Business Strategies for Pharma/Bio Success.

Seminar Presentations

Columbia MIT Harvard

Seminar presentations at leading universities

Advisory Board Member

Advisor Board Member

Advisory board member of Westchester Biotech Project


Story-driven marketing advances our mission to bridge the divide between story, spokesperson & stakeholder.

Boardroom Summit

Sponsor of Boardroom Summit focused on communications that impact corporate governance

Advisory Board Member

Harvard Beth Israel

Advisory board member of Harvard Beth Israel Deaconess Initiative for RNA Medicine

Advisory Board Member

Seminar presentations at leading universities

Advisory board member of Harvard Beth Israel Deaconess Initiative for RNA Medicine

Charitable Organizations

Service Dog

Supports charitable organizations such as The Seeing Eye®